Aug 30, 2008

80 Years Experienced!

Today is my sweet Grandma Thomas's 80th birthday.  And as she might feel like she is getting up there in years, I would just like to remind her that she is not 80 years old, she is 80 years experienced.  
We Love you Grandma and Happy Birthday!

Aug 29, 2008

Cookie Of The Month

So any of you that know me real well, know that I LOVE to make up my own cookie recipes (but refuse to give it out. He He He)  And I have decided to make up a new cookie every month.  So for the month of September (close enough) the cookie is Chocolate 
Cheesecake Cookies  
And can I say I don't like chocolate cookies, but these cookies turned out REAL GOOD!

Aug 27, 2008

Roah 1st Day at Kindergarten

Roah started Kindergarten on Monday, and to get him ready that morning to and get him to the bus stop was like WWIII! I think he had a lot of anxiety about started school, but it took both Owen & I dealing with him to get him to the bus on time. But we made it and Roah did really well on his 1st Day of Kindergarten. 
Luckly Roah has Kobe to help him on the bus and take him to his class at school.  Kobe is seriously the best big brother to Roah. 
Kobe helping Roah get on the bus.  
Roah was sitting in the middle of Kobe and his friends on the bus.  And seems to be excited to go to school. 
Roah is trying to do the sign language for "I Love You" to me through the window and this is where I LOST IT!  Started crying because my baby is in school and my boys are growing up to fast. I miss my sweet boys so much, but I've already filled my time up and had no problem doing it.    My boys are so sweet!

Aug 24, 2008


Kobe's soccer season has begun and he is so excited.  Soccer is for sure his favorite sport and he takes it extremely seriously.  
Kobe is pretty aggressive and as you can tell, doesn't back down even to boys a whole head taller than him.
All these little guys are pretty good players.  But I get way to involved in their game.  I swear I almost lost my voices just cheering from the side lines.  I'm for sure the loudest mom. 
Kobe, loving every minute of it. 
And Roah, bored out of his mind! All he could say there was "My hair is hot, I think it's on fire."

Aug 20, 2008

BBQ for the B-Day Boyz

For our anniversary Owen surprised me with a new camera, which I'm in love with.  And now I can't stop taking millions of pictures(for some reason I think I'm a professional.) And with the camera in my families face 24-7, Owen's wondering why he didn't think this purchase through a little bit more.
Birthday Boy Owen, and I love this picture of Owen & Roah. 
Birthday Boy Reid(my sweet dad), Always so mellow. 
My mom and her famous BBQ chicken
Owen and Kobe are playing a game outside (that my parents are obsessed with) It's actually pretty fun.  I refuse to play because I'm not good at it, and we all know it has to be one of Brianne's skills in order for her to play and compete.

Aug 18, 2008

And he's off......

School already?  I seriously was emotional as I walked Kobe to the school bus this morning .  He was so excited to start school (and to wear his new shoes.)
He's such a sweet kid. 
Notice that he had to stand behind the Addie & Indy, not anywhere near touching them for the picture.  He is so shy around girls. 
Roah felt like he had to go get Josh from his house and walk him to the bus stop.  He wanted to ride the bus with them but didn't want school to start  today.
After the bus took off, We couldn't find Roah and all the boys he was playing with at the bus stop.  Well of course he talked all them into escaping to our house for lightsabers and playing Star Wars in the middle of the street.

Aug 17, 2008

School ALREADY!!!

Yesterday morning we went to a birthday breakfast for our sweet little neighbor Molly.  And while we were there I was informed school starts MONDAY!  Last year school started on a Wednesday, and I guess in my head I just kept thinking this Wednesday was the first day of school. (I even went to back-to-school night on thursday, and it didn't register. I know what your thinking crazy, bad mom. I feel that way too.)  And I have to say I'm not ready for summer to end.  I'm so sad my boys will be gone during the day and I will miss them so much.  
My sweet little Roah is starting kindergarten this year. I'm seriously so sad my boys are growing up and that I can't hang out with them everyday.  No kids at home? And I know what the next question is after you hear that.  What will you do with all your time?  Ummmmmm........ I don't think I'll have any problem filling up my time, just missing my boys!
Second grade for Kobe, and he is so excited to start school and play soccer at recess with all his friends.  I wish I were as excited as he is about school starting.   

Aug 15, 2008

9 YEARS!!!

Happy Anniversary!!!

Aug 13, 2008

Birthday Boy!!!

Happy Birthday Owen, I love you!

Aug 8, 2008

Friday Family Day

Well it's been a few Fridays since we have done our weekly Friday Family Days that Kobe and Roah adore. And since Owen's birthday is coming up, I let Kobe and Roah decide and surprise Owen with Family Day. They decided a movie and dinner at the Mayan. 

Roah wouldn't leave until we took a picture of him in the statues mouth.

Owen's Heaven

Ellery Robison's brother Cassidy races Supermoto.  She and Greg went to watch him at the X-Games in LA.  While there, they met 2006 MotoGP World Champion Nicky Hayden (he is Owen's idol).  Greg and Ellery were nice enough to get Nicky's signature on Owen's motorcycle jacket (Owen's bike and jacket are the replica of Nicky Hayden's race bike).  They tricked him into thinking they weren't able to have Nicky sign it, then showed up last Monday night with it signed, "2 Owen, Nicky Hayden #69).  Owen's been in Heaven ALL WEEK!

Here's Greg and Nicky.  Thanks again Greg & Ellery!  Owen hasn't put the jacket away since you dropped it off.  He's such a little kid (I love that little grin Greg!).
Cassidy (sitting) and Nicky hanging out.  The Robisons said Hayden was so nice and respectful.  He was so willing to talk to fans and sign autographs.

Hayden with his "race-face."