Mar 28, 2008


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    As we were driving up to Salt Lake, Kobe got a hold of the camera in the back seat.  
           My boys are just showing off their muscles and how tough they are, I guess. 

Mar 24, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt

We went to the annual Apple Grove  Easter Egg Hunt saturday afternoon.  And as you can see my boys slowly walked to the egg hunt.  I remember being so excited to do anything like a easter egg hunt when I was their age.  It almost killed me with excitement going to McDonalds when I was their age.  When the egg hunt was about to begin I could not find them and I was looking everywhere, and of course found them over playing soccer.   
During the egg hunt Roah didn't want to pick up his own eggs claiming and of course yelling, "Mom!!!  Pick up the eggs!!!  I don't like to bend over and I think my leg is broke!!!  Hurry and get the good ones!"
For some reason Roah  believed that I would do what he said, as I stared at him motionless. None the less he got plenty of eggs.  And for Kobe everything is about being first, so needless to say he was happy with how fast he gathered all his eggs.  

Mar 13, 2008

One of  Kobe and Roah's favorite past-times is the tramp-o-line.  It's the best place for "play fighting!"  But of course, someone always ends up crying because Roah drop-kicked them or knee'd them in the stomach.  What can I say, he is definitely my child.............       As you can see both of my boys are going for the "Katie Holmes Cruize" hair.  Kobe wants his hair long for soccer season and Roah just hates haircuts all together (I pick my fights with him).  Before long people will think he is from the islands!

Kobe really wants to ride motorcycles (as you can tell by the motorcycle helmet he wears instead of a normal bike helmet).  He tries all these tricks on his bike and is actually pretty good.  I'm definitely the bad parent for not letting my boys have a motorcycle yet. Maybe we'll start with a four-wheeler first......... eventually.   

Roah learned how to ride his bike with no training wheels.  He kept on saying to me, "Mom, I already know how to ride my bike without training wheels."  I would laugh because I knew he didn't but the way he said it was so confident.  It was as if he was thinking I was so dumb for not knowing that!  So Owen took off his training wheels.  All it took was 2 tries and he was riding. But now he wants a real motorcycle and claims he is going to race motorcycles in the MotoGP when he gets off his mission.  We'll see...