Apr 30, 2008

Birthday for Roah

Roah turned the big 5 on April 25th.  I really cannot believe my youngest is 5 already.  We had his birthday party at the Quarry Rock Climbing Center in Provo.  And after 2 pictures my camera went dead.  But it was quite a treat having six 4-5 year old's rock climbing.  Roah was definitely not scared at all and went on the highest walls there.  
Roah standing still at least for 3 seconds so I could take the picture.
He got a skateboard this racing jumpsuit( the cute red one he has on and still will not take off). 
Realized it was a lot harder to skateboard than he thought.  At least he is wearing his helmet.
He was waiting outside for Owen to get home from work, so Owen could take him on a motorcycle ride around the block so everyone could see him in his new red jumpsuit.