Sep 19, 2008

I like Kites

Okay, so I think for sure I'm going to start kite surfing. You can use it just by itself or with a longboard ( I could use it with anything.) I think it is going to be my one of my skills....

Sep 16, 2008


Our sweet Kobe is 8 years old today & I really can't believe how fast time has flown by.  We are so blessed to be Kobe parents & have him in our lives.

Happy Birthday Kobe!  
We love you to the Moon and Back!

Sep 14, 2008

My favorite album
Matt Nathanson

Sep 11, 2008

Soccer is his life

Kobe had another soccer game on Saturday.  He played really well, but they lost by 1.
Roah jumped in front of the camera.  This picture makes me laugh so hard, like he is so proud of himself for tricking me. 
Anytime Kobe is on the sideline, Roah sits by him and asks him random questions, like what toys or video games they are going to play when they get home. 
Kobe is explaining a play to Owen 
Josh & Kobe warming up for the game

Half time treats
The Team 

I love to watch Kobe play sports, because he gets so into it, just like his Mom. 

Sep 5, 2008

More Costume Ideas

I really want Owen and the boys to be the characters of Ben Stiller and his sons in the Royal Tenenbaums.  But I don't feel like there will be much enthusiasm for my idea.  
I like this idea, for sure I'd be Drew Barrymore with the mullet
The Phoenix?  Maybe....
Id like to try brown hair and be a greek goodess, but I feel like I need more humor in a costume
Only if I can have her shoes......

Sep 4, 2008

Halloween Costumes

So I need some ideas for halloween costumes this year.  
I was poison Ivy a few years back...
Last year I was the Vodoo Witch from Pirates
I was thinking maybe Kat from LA Ink?
Princess Leia? Any ideas, post them my way.