Nov 28, 2008


Kobe was baptized on saturday, and it was amazing! He made the comment "I feel so clean mom, I want to get baptized again."

Kobe with Grandma & Grandpa Minster

Kobe with his Grandpa Wolfgramm 

Nov 26, 2008

Christmas Lights

Tomorrow I am putting up Christmas Lights & not to excited about it.  I DO NOT like to put up lights! I want all the benefits and 
NONE of the work. 
I just want my house to look like this at the end of all my hard work
 ( And I know it won't)

Nov 7, 2008

Hanging with the boys

After I finished taking Kobe & Roah's pictures, we got in the truck to leave and I looked behind me to back up.  And what do I see but my crazy boys hanging up-side-down in the back seat. It was too funny for me to get mad.  

I had their mini hummer in the back of my truck to throw away because it didn't work anymore.  And my boys ran down the foothills faster, and beat me to the truck.  When I got there, they are in the back of the truck chillin and being crazy in the hummer.
They are my favorite to hang with.

Nov 6, 2008

Are you seeing double?

I finally got around to take Kobe & Roah's pictures.  And while I was looking thru the pictures, I couldn't believe how much they look alike.  People ask all the time if they are twins, and most the time I just say yes (less of a conversation).  

Nov 5, 2008

Time to play

My boys were so excited to see the snow this morning when they woke up.  Kobe wanted to make a snowman before school and Roah said he wasn't going to school today.  (OKAY, no!)  But Kobe's excitement over the snow reminded me of, when we lived in California.  We would come back to Utah for Christmas and driving up to grandmas house, Kobe would got nuts over all the snow that had fallen.  
Times flies to fast...

Nov 2, 2008

Lesser of two evils

How can we not come up with better candidates for the leader of our nation.  It's almost comical to me that we are expected to vote between these two men.  I'm sure as I'm voting on Tuesday, I will be giggling in the voting booth......