May 29, 2008

Kobe's Race

The much anticipated field day was this week, and Kobe was pumped about it.  Those of you that don't know Kobe very well, he is extremely competitive (don't know where he got that from.) Grades 1st - 3rd ran the mile, and Kobe is more of a sprinter than a distance runner. But he wanted to win so bad he just kept on pushing himself harder. And he did really well, he came in 6th place overall.
 "I think I'm dying Mom, I think I'm dying. I hate running that far!"
Kobe explaining to me play by play of the race and what he was thinking while he was running.
Roah so proud of his big  brother,  but tried to steal his ribbon twice.
Overall Kobe was happy with his performance, and I'm sure he would do it again.

May 23, 2008

The Trickster

I looked out the window and saw Roah and his friend Noah riding in  Noah's little jeep.  Then I saw Kobe sneaking up behind them.
Kobe jumped on the back without Roah or Noah knowing.  And both boys couldn't understand why the jeep wasn't going very fast all of a sudden.
But as always when Kobe plays pranks (yes, he gets that from me) he was caught by his  giggling.
Kobe thinks he is so funny.  Which I have to say, I was laughing pretty hard.
And Roah thinks his big brother is pretty funny to.

Roah's Preschool Graduation

Roah graduated from preschool today, and it made me kinda sad that my baby is growing up.  I can't believe how the 5 years have flown by and that Roah will be in kindergarten in the fall.
Dane, Chet, and Roah  a.k.a. The Three Stooges
Roah doesn't like being in front of a lot of people.  And so when he walked in and saw all the parents there, He wasn't very happy.  I'm actually surprised that he didn't run out of the room.
Roah and his Preschool teacher Ms. Misty.  Roah just adores her!
Roah said about his friends after looking at this picture. "I like Dane because he makes funny noises and does my homework for me.  I like Kasha because she is kinda one of my favorite.  And I like Chet because he's never mean, he does what I tell him to do, and that he calls me Rola." What a crazy boy!

May 1, 2008

Quite a Scare

Our Sweet Kobe gave us quite a scare this past Monday.  Monday night I recieved a call at work.  It was Owen and all he said was "Come home now, Kobe has fallen."  I really think I got home in a record time of 6 minutes as opposed to the 12-15 minutes it usually takes me.  Kobe and Roah had been riding their bikes and Kobe accidentally crashed his bike and hit his head on the road.  He was knocked out for appro. 2 minutes and when he came to, could not remember what day it was or anything that had happened in the past 2 weeks.  He could still remember names, but other than that nothing.  We raced him to the E.R., had a Cat scan done, and the results came back good with no bleeding or anything of that nature.  When we got home Kobe just wanted to sleep and was so tired. He began throwing up about a half hour after we got home from the E.R.. I slept on the couch with him all night, afraid he wouldn't ever wake up (paranoid mother, I know.)  Tuesday morning he was still throwing up but doing do much better.  And now he is acting like the good old Kobe we knew.  
He has some battle wounds from the fall which he usually have a million band aids on them.   But Kobe is quite a tough kid.
Roah has stayed by Kobe's side, even when Kobe falls asleep.  Roah just brings out his D.S. and lays right by Kobe.  They are truly best friends.
Worn out!
And by Thursday morning with no school all week, Oh, so bored!