Jul 31, 2008

Sista's Weekend in Park City

We had such a blast in Park City together as sisters. It's actually really hard to get all of us together with all of our crazy schedules, but it was much needed time just to be together and laugh.  The only one that couldn't make it there was Kristin, mainly because she lives in California.  But she was missed dearly and hopefully we can do this every year.  


Jul 29, 2008

Lots more pics of the 24th


This was a year ago we agreed to get tased. And I had to post it! It makes me giggle every time I watch it.

Jul 27, 2008

Swimming on the 24th

We went to Owen's brothers house for a BBQ & swimming to celebrate the 24th of July. It's so much fun to just go too their pool and relax. And Roah has announced he is moving in with them, because "We don't have a pool." 
Kobe & his cousin Ty 
Roah loving the watermelon!
The boys swimming with Brandon
Thanks to Lui & Shannon for always letting us come and invade their pool!

Jul 23, 2008

Owen's blonde?

On a Sunday afternoon Owen let me put these blonde extensions in his hair, which really surprised me because he usually won't let me do retarded things like this on him. 
Have you ever seen a blonde poly?

Jul 17, 2008

Hiking with Grandma

 Owen's mom is here from Hawaii & we decided to take her hiking to the waterfall above P.G. 
Kobe & Roah found a small cave.  They were convinced it was a bear den
The boys love to find rocks and sticks.  Kobe found a pretty cool rock 
Roah just likes to climb the hill and throw down rocks, making the rest of us duck for cover 
Roah refused to come down the hill to take a picture with us.  We had such fun on our hike 

Jul 10, 2008

My little racer

Owen went out with his brother Lui to Miller Motorsports Park in Toelle to ride their motorcycles for a track day.  His friend Greg was nice enough to take photos (thanks Greg!).  Greg even got in trouble because he got too close to the track (but that's another story).  And can I tell you is Owen was in heaven. 
He's actually really good at riding and loved the whole experience 
Owen is such a little boy at heart 
I love this picture of him coming around a corner 
He loved it so much he is planning on going back in July

Jul 8, 2008

Firework Jumping

Okay, so for sure we are retarded for trying to jump over the fireworks, but it all started when I started dating Owen.  Owen and his brother use to get on their roller blades and skate over the fireworks.  Now we have "progressed" to jumping.  I know, not a good example, but Kobe and Roah know they can't try 'till after their missions, he he he!
Mallory needing as much camera time as she can get 
Roah looks a lot closer to the firework in this picture than he actually is (I promise!).
No Comment! We all know Mallory is out of control
This picture makes me laugh so hard!

Fun Fourth

The fourth was so fun this year and so relaxing.  We went swimming, had a BBQ, soccer game, and fireworks. We found out Roah is quite the pyro.  He LOVES fire! (We are in big trouble.) Fourth of July is my favorite holiday.

Jul 6, 2008

Grandpa Lui's New Name

Grandpa Wolfgramm has been called to be a bishop where they live in Hawaii.  He is such a wonderful man and we are so blessed that he is our father and grandpa.  When I told Kobe and Roah about the great news, Roah acted a little annoyed.  I asked him what was wrong and he replied with "I don't like his new name Bishop!  I like Grandpa Lui better!"  Kobe and myself busted up laughing and then Kobe said "Roah you should be on the funny show." (What t.v. station is the funny show on?)